Our Vision

To be an established OEM and ODM on Button Badges, ID cards, printing machines and/or consumables wholesaler and manufacturing partner with a strong solution platform from conceptualization to functionality by utilizing our internal and external strengths in helping our customers to supply the most efficient small business marketing tools, raw material and essential equipment to generate additional income to overcome the increasing cost of living in recent competitive market condition.

Our Values

  • Professional communication, both written and spoken.
  • Structured operating procedures for receiving an enquiry to delivery.
  • Strong collaborative domestic and international shipping partners.
  • Reliable and trusted manufacturing associates, both locally and offshore.
  • Effective data management system on customers’ order process.
  • Integrity mindset and protect customers’ intellectual property.

Our Mission

To implement and establish a complete and effective online purchase system with real-time stock monitoring to facilitate our business partners, resellers and end consumers to perform their business operation in a peaceful manner. Further to that, our marketing team is consistently developing a stronger customer relationship management in order to correspond with customers in the quickest, most accurate and efficient manner.

Our Philosophy

The formation of ONEBADGE Malaysia offers more than just what a trading house does. Our dedicated team members and individual skill strengths have been able to synergise value-added services to our customers in forms of concept development, lean manufacturing facilities as well as all-rounded global procurement and essential benchmarking for our customers. All these are to ensure that our customers enjoy the benefits of low-cost solutions in vast varieties of badge material and accessories. This applies to good quality products produced internally, domestically and imported from foreign countries.

Maintaining excellent product quality is in our core business value. We strive to provide the best in terms of speed of delivery, high competitive cost structure and management efficiency in our daily operation. This is to ensure all our customers are able to receive their goods on-time with 100% satisfaction manner.