What is a Button Badge? and how it works?

Button badge normally comes in round shape with a safety pin-back. Button badge is getting extremely popular in many marketing campaigns, conference, functional event, wedding ceremony, seminar and many more.  The great feature of button badge is it can be temporarily fastened to the surface of a garment, polyester or nylon fabric or even on normal paper using a safety pin.

There are total 4 layers of material to make up into a single unit button badge, these layers are clamped together to form a strongly bonded badge.

Button Badge Layer Illustration

Based on above illustration, the layer structure from the top view of button badge is as follows:

  1. Transparent PVC film
  2. Printed artwork/design/image
  3. Metal plate
  4. ABS/plastic base (The most ideal material as it will not rust and more durable)
  5. Safety Pin Back


Button Badge Layer and Information