Button Badge Material

We are importer and wholesaler of Button Badge raw material in Malaysia. We supply these button badges to Kedah, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru with our dedicated express shipping companies. All our button badges are carefully inspected in terms of material quality, quantity and also final packing method to ensure our customers receive the goods in a perfect condition.

Onebadge adalah pemborong button badge kosong yang paling murah di Malaysia.

58mm New Material-1


58mm Button Badge Material + Safety Pin Cover

RM34.80 RM32.80
SaleSold Out
Button Badge Material 58mm-MainButton Badge Material 58mm wholesaler in Malaysia

58mm Button Badge Material + Normal Pin

RM38.50 RM34.80
Fridge Magnet Button Badge Material 58mmFridge Magnet Button Badge Sample

50pcs/packet, 100pcs/packet

Button Badge Clip-On-Main

50pcs/packet, 100pcs/packet

Key Chain Badge 58mm New-MainKey Chain Badge 58mm New-Sub-2

50pcs/packet, 100pcs/packet

58mm Keychain Button Badge Material

Button Badge Key Chain Mirror-Main

50pcs/packet, 100pcs/packet

75mm Button Badge Material Material

RM57.00 RM47.50

44mm Button Badge Material

RM35.00 RM31.00

32mm Button Badge Material

RM34.00 RM29.00
Photo Frame Material 58mm-Main

50pcs/packet, 100pcs/packet