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Rectangle Button Badge – 68mm x 24mm | Normal Pin – Custom Design & Print

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A pin-back rectangle name tag is typically used for identification purposes in various settings. It is a rectangular-shaped badge with a pin on the back that allows it to be attached to clothing, such as a shirt or a jacket. These name tags are commonly used in professional and social situations to display the wearer’s name and often their affiliation or job title.
The use of pin-back rectangle name tags is a practical and common way to enhance communication and create a more comfortable and personalized environment in various social and professional settings.
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Rectangle Button Badge- 68mm x 24mm | Custom Design & Print
Product Size (mm): 68mm (L) x 24mm (H)
Product Material: Top MYLAR transparent film, ABS white base and steel plate
Product Color: Full Color
Printing Method: Laser or Inkjet
Product Weight: ~8-10g/pc

Here are some common scenarios where pin-back rectangle name tags are used:

  1. Corporate Events and Conferences: Attendees at conferences, seminars, and corporate events often wear name tags to facilitate networking and interaction among participants. It helps people easily identify and remember each other.
  2. Business Meetings: In professional settings, employees may wear name tags during business meetings, especially in larger companies where not everyone may know each other.
  3. Trade Shows: Exhibitors and attendees at trade shows wear name tags to promote networking and to make it easier for potential clients, partners, or colleagues to identify them.
  4. Volunteer Events: Name tags are often used at volunteer events to help organizers and participants identify each other. This is especially useful in large gatherings where people may not be familiar with everyone present.
  5. School or Educational Settings: Teachers, students, and staff members in schools and educational institutions may wear name tags for easy identification, especially at the beginning of a school year or during events.
  6. Retail and Customer Service: Employees in retail or customer service industries may wear name tags to create a more personalized interaction with customers. It helps customers address employees by their names.
  7. Networking Events: Individuals attending networking events, social mixers, or meet-and-greet sessions may wear name tags to break the ice and facilitate conversations.

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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 80 × 60 × 10 mm

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    6 reviews for Rectangle Button Badge – 68mm x 24mm | Normal Pin – Custom Design & Print

    1. Julian (verified owner)

      Kali ke 5 order di sini, mantap bossku ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      1 product
    2. Liam (verified owner)

      The product is firmly packed with bubble wrap and carton box.

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    3. Edward (verified owner)

      Dari Penang ke Selangor, 1 hari saje sampai, barang elok, thank you!

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    4. Paul (verified owner)

      Entah kali berapa order di sini, so far so good 🫰

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    5. Camden (verified owner)

      Good service and parcel was carefully packed.

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    6. Max (verified owner)

      Very fast delivery.

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