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PVC ID Card Tray For Inkjet Printer – Epson T60 | L800 | L805 | R260

  • High-quality ID card printing tray.
  • Compatible with EPSON printer – T60 | L800 | L805 & etc.
  • Precise printing tray measurement.
  • Suitable to print ID card, student card, employee card, visitor pass, Exhibition Docket, membership card and etc.
  • Ready-stock with same delivery arrangement.


Product Name: PVC ID Card Tray For Inkjet Printer – Epson T60 | L800 | L805
Product Size: 147mm x 246mm x 1.8mm
Product Material: Plastic
Product Weight: 65g/unit
Product Colour: Black
Card Tray Size: 85.00 mm x 54.00mm
Packing Method: Individual unit in a transparent PP bag
Max. load per tray: 2 pcs

Suitable printer models:
-R260 R265 R270 R280 R285 R290
-R330 R390 Rx680 EP705
-T50 T60 A50 P50 L800 L805 Px635 Px650 Px660

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 246 × 147 × 1.8 mm

User Guideline

Here are the steps to print an ID card using an Epson L805 printer:

  1. Load the coated ID card (from our store) into the printer’s tray. Make sure it’s properly aligned and not jammed. There is white arrow printed on the tray for positioning purpose.
  2.  Install the appropriate software: Please install driver Epson R260 for ID card printing purpose. Link to download as follows:
  3. Open the printing software: Once the software is installed, open it and select the “ID Card” option from the menu.
  4. Design your ID card: Use the printing template as designed by Onebadge to create your ID card. You can add text, images, logos, and other design elements to your card.
  5. Preview and print the ID card: Once you have designed your ID card, preview it to make sure it looks correct. If everything looks good, click the “Print” button to start printing.

Note: Make sure to adjust the printer settings to match the size and type of card stock you are using. You can find these settings in the printer’s control panel or in the printing software.


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