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Button Badge Mould 37mm | Mould For Button Badge Machine | 37mm Button Badge Punching Mould

Make your own button badges at cost price with this flexible and high-quality mould. You can start your own business by selling button badges from home with just a minimal capital. The mould is easy to install with stable production output for long hours.

✔️ 37mm Diameter Final Product Size
✔️ It is easy to install and operate with universal button badge machines.
✔️ Proven durable with an accurate punch to achieve stable production output.
✔️ Chrome Plated Material.
✔️ Heavy Duty.
✔️ Ready Stock and ship from Malaysia.


Button Badge Mould 37mm
🔴Mould Size: For 37mm Button Badge with keychain slot function.
🟠Product Material: Stainless Steel + Acrylic Base
🟡Product Colour: Chrome
🟢Product Weight: Gross Weight: 2.80kg, Net Weight: 1.80kg
🔵Packing Method: Packed into bubble wrap and carton box

A button badge mold, also known simply as a badge mold or button maker mold, is a tool or die used in the process of creating button badges. Button badges, also called pinback buttons or badges, are small, circular, wearable items typically featuring a design, image, or message on the front surface. They are commonly used for promotional purposes, as fashion accessories, or as a means of expressing personal interests or beliefs.

The button badge mold is a crucial component of a button badge-making machine. It consists of two parts: the upper mold and the lower mold. These molds are designed to shape and assemble the various components of a button badge, including the front design, the clear plastic covering (usually made of mylar or acetate), the backing metal shell, and the pin or clip.

Button badge molds come in various sizes to accommodate different badge sizes and shapes. They are essential for ensuring consistent and professional-quality button badge production. These badges are popular for a wide range of applications, from political campaigns and marketing promotions to personal expression and souvenir items.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 175 × 70 × 110 mm