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Button Badge Machine | Ferro | BBMC-001

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✔️ Button Machine + 25mm/ 32mm/ 37mm/ 44mm/ 50mm/ 58mm/ 75mm Mould
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Choose your preferred mould size from 25mm/ 32mm/ 37mm/ 44mm/ 50mm/ 58mm/ 75mm at Promotional Price! 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Premium Machine Only
  • Machine + 25mm Mould
  • Machine + 32mm Mould
  • machine-37mm-mould
  • Machine + 44mm Mould
  • machine-50mm-mould
  • Machine + 58mm Mould
  • Machine + 75mm Mould


Button Badge Machine | Ferro | BBMC-001⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Choose your preferred mould size from 25mm/ 32mm/ 44mm/ 58mm/ 75mm at Promotional Price! 👍👍👍👍👍

✔️Size (mm): 510(H) x 190.00(L) x 100.00(W)
✔️Material: Fibre Glass Body, Acrylic base  & metal handle
✔️Product Colour: Red
✔️Weight: Gross Weight: 12kg, Net Weight: 11kg
✔️Packing Method: Packed into a poly foam and carton box
✔️Package Comes with acrylic base, fasteners, handheld, and operating manual.

Durable button badge machine with 100% quality inspected by Onebadge Malaysia. We provide technical support and free training with our in-house engineers. With easy to operate machine mechanism, there is no special technical knowledge required. The minimal output for this machine is approximately 1000 units per day!

This button badge machine can fit other sizes of button badge mould as well:
✔️ Round Button Badge 25mm
✔️ Round Button Badge 32mm
✔️ Round Button Badge 44mm
✔️ Round Button Badge 58mm
✔️ Round Button Badge 75mm
✔️ Square Shape Button Badge – 50mm x 50 mm or 30mm x 30mm

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 220 × 115 × 320 mm


Additional Info

Commonly asked questions:

1. What is the difference between Ferro & Greyton machines?
Ferro machines are made of high-hardness materials. The cast iron body with a metal base makes it sturdy and
Greyton machines are made of chrome plated tripod stands; this design structure allows a better
handling during the punching process, and it allows you to place the machine indoors or outdoors without much hassle.

2. What is the machine made of?
Ferro: Main body is made of hardened fiber with a sturdy metal base.
Greyton: Full material construction, chrome plated metal stand, and sturdy metal base.

3. Which one is better? Ferro or Greyton?
a) Depending on your budget, both machines are suitable for mass production.
b) Greyton machines are more stable as it comes with 3 stands, so machine movement is significantly reduced.
c) Greyton machines are suitable to bring out for an exhibition or outdoor event.
d) Ferro machines are good if they are screwed on the table top to reduce movement during mass production.


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