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Button Badge Die Cutter ø 68mm

Sturdy and accurate paper die cutter with strong metal puller for long hours usage and durable cutting lifespan. Speed up your button badge production process flow with this custom built die cutter specially designed for small/medium or large scale of production for cutting your printed artwork.

– Pre-defined round shape-cutting tool with the bleeding area.
– Easy to handle and operate.
– Save time, save space and increase productivity.


58mm Button Badge Die Cutter✔️Sticker Die Cutter✔️Actual Cutting Size – 68mm Diameter/ 2.67″ Diameter✔️
Cutter Size: 68mm diameter
Actual Product Size: 58mm diameter
Product Material: Metal
Product Colour: Black
Product Weight: Gross Weight: 6.00kg, Net Weight: 5.00kg
Packing Method: Packed into bubble wrap and carton box

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 250 × 220 × 170 mm
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