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Important reminder:

  1. Please ensure your hands are dry and clean before touching or handling the metal plates. The moisture contact may cause the metal plates to rush easily and shorten the storage lifespan.
  2. Please store these materials at room temperature and avoid placing them in areas with high moisture.
  3. Please put this material back into the zip-lock bag that comes with the packaging. The silica gel helps to absorb the moisture and minimize the rust.
  4. The spacer ring will only be used on this fridge magnet production, for normal button badge pins or keychain badges, this spacer is NOT required. Remove this ring if you do not want to make the fridge magnet badge.
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Button badges, also known as pin-back buttons or campaign buttons, are small, round badges that can be worn on clothing or attached to bags or other items. They are often used for promotional purposes, such as advertising a brand or product, or for political campaigns. Some benefits of using button badges include:

  • They are a relatively inexpensive form of advertising or promotion.
  • They are easy to distribute and can be worn by people, making them a mobile form of advertising.
  • They can be customized with a logo, message, or image, making them a versatile form of marketing.
  • They can be used to show support for a political candidate, cause, or organization.
  • They can be used as a collectible, souvenir or memorabilia.

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